File Management

Viewing Files

Files can be viewed, sorted, and deleted from the File Management dashboard. By default all bike files in your private store are listed. Clicking the Show Springs/Bikes button will toggle between showing the list of spring files and the list of bike files. The Database Selector will allow admin users to select between viewing files in their private database or the team database.

To sort files click on the relevant table header. The file list is sorted alpha-numerically or by date.

Deleting Files

To delete files select the relevant line items from the using the checkboxes in the first column. Once all the files are selected press the Delete button and confirm your selections. Use caution, deleted files are NOT recoverable.

Sharing Files

Files can be shared with any other user from the Data Tools tab of the Right Sidebar. Enter the receivers email and hit Send to transmit a copy of the currently selected bike.

The recipient will have a message arrive in their messaging interface which is viewable through either the navigation menu or the Error Ball. Click on the Error Ball to show any waiting messages. Clicking Accept will immediately load the bike into the workspace.

The bike object is not saved anywhere by default and the recipient must save the bike in their file storage if they want future access.